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Directed by Dale Fabrigar

Written by Marc Paoletti

Produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis

Starring Sally Struthers, Lanett Tachel, Leilani Turner


Best Horror, Chicago Indie Film Awards

Project Summary

One of several horror anthology segments that director Dale Fabrigar and Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions produced for a TV pilot being pitched to Netflix and other streaming services. Dale and Suzanne knew they wanted a piece about a fortune teller, but that's as far as it went. They gave me creative freedom to come up with the rest.

The story features mysticism, betrayal, and murder: friends Jen and Christine visit Lady Talia, a renowned spiritualist, to get their fortunes read... but the session turns dark as Lady Talia pulls tarot cards from a deck and explains that one of the friends will die unless a terrible secret is revealed.


Having grown up in the 1970s, I was admittedly a bit star struck by Sally Struthers. She was gracious and professional—and funny—throughout the process.

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