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Directed by Dale Fabrigar

Written by Brian DeRozan and Marc Paoletti

Produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis

Starring Joe Estevez, Christopher Dukes, Brian DeRozan, Madison Ekstrand


Best Horror of the Year, Top Shorts Film Festival

Honorable Mention, Indie Short Fest

Project Summary

Director Dale Fabrigar asked me to "script doctor" a segment that he and Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions were producing for a TV horror pilot being pitched to Netflix and other streaming services.


Slice is about a wannabe actor, who arrives at a horror film audition and meets an old school, over-the-top director with a taste for blood. I found the material interesting and creepy, and simply incorporated a more focused theme, adjusted the structure a bit, and added dialogue. The original writer then used what he liked to complete an already a great story. He deserves the lion's share of credit; it was a pleasure to contribute.

Fun fact about the legendary Joe Estevez: In Apocalypse Now, he served as a stand-in for his brother, Martin Sheen, and voiced some of Captain Willard's narration.

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