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Directed by Dale Fabrigar

Written by Marc Paoletti

Story by Marc Paoletti and Dale Fabrigar

Produced by Trace De La Torre

Starring Noreen Laine, Isabella Magas, Roczane Enriquez


Best Screenplay, FilAm Creations 2 Film Fest

Project Summary

Director Dale Fabrigar told me about a creature in Filipino folklore called an Aswang. I'd never heard of it, but research revealed a fascinating entity that shared traits with a vampire. In other words, a perfect candidate for the horror anthology TV series that he and Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions were producing to pitch to Netflix and other streaming services. 

The story setup is simple: A young mother receives a mysterious package in the middle of the night, and her curiosity unleashes a chain of events that threaten her life and her baby forever. 

As it happens, Dale and I have since developed a fair amount of material about this entity to continue honoring his Filipino traditions, including a feature screenplay that we're currently shopping around.

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